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Betsy Jacob
Speeding Ticket
Nikole is THE lawyer to hire if you got a speeding ticket in New York. She resolved my speeding ticket which carried 6 points in NY and a driver responsibility assessment which would have added up to $693 in fines down to two speeding tickets with a fine of $150 and no impact on my insurance rates. I am beyond impressed with Nikole's professionalism and efficiency at an affordable lawyer fees.

S. B.
Best Traffic Lawyer in the Buffalo NY Area
Recently, I was pulled over in Erie County (a speed trap area where the speed limit drops from 65 to 55) during a trip to Niagara Falls and was cited three traffic violations. As most out-of-towners are wont to do, I had originally considered pleading guilty and paying any related fees online. When I looked into the possible ramifications of pleading guilty, I was appalled to find that I would have incurred $1600+ in total fines (incl. NY surcharges & a civil penalty) and 12 points on my driving record. Therefore, I was compelled to find an attorney in the Buffalo area who would represent me to the fullest extent. Ms. Nikole Wynn proved to be the best traffic attorney I have ever hired, as she exceeded all of my expectations and provided kindness, reassurance and empathy to my situation. In just one court appearance, Ms. Wynn was able to get one ticket dismissed in its entirety, and got the other two tickets reduced to the equivalent of parking tickets. She successfully reduced 12 possible driving record points to 0 (ZERO!!) and minimize the $1600+ fines to a mere $100 court fine. Her rate was more than reasonable, and I urge anyone and everyone, especially out-of-towners, to seek out Ms. Wynn for traffic court representation! #Wynning!

Excellent lawyer, honest and a consummate professional!
I received a speeding ticket on I90 east near Buffalo in July 2015. Given that I am a Nj resident, I decided to hire a local lawyer to represent me at the court and perhaps have my violation reduced to a non-moving offense. I researched local lawyers in the area and came across Nikole's profile and read all the reviews and was convinced to use her expert legal services. I contacted her via email, received a prompt response containing pertinent information and direct answers to all my questions and concerns. She immediately began to work on my case, she communicated with me at every pivotal point in the case and informed me of my options. I have had to hire attorneys for traffic violations in my youth, however I have never worked with a more honest, upfront, and professional individual before. She is over all a great person.

John B.
Couldn't ask for a better attorney!
I hired Nikole to handle a speeding ticket I received in Erie County. I am extremely pleased at not only the result of my ticket, but at the price I paid for such an amazing service! From the first moment I spoke with Nikole, I was very well informed on the process, and hired her on the spot. I consulted with three other lawyers prior to speaking with Nikole. She was very pleasant, talked to me through the entire process and what I was likely to face, quoted me with an extremely reasonable fee, and made sure all my concerns were answered. I knew right that moment that she was the lawyer for me. Thank you for all your help, and if I do ever need a lawyer in the future, I will only need to make ONE call!

Karthik Srinivasan
Two Tickets in One Day!
Nikole handled two serious traffic tickets for me. She was responsive to my questions, kept me up to date the entire time and charged reasonable fees. She was able to greatly reduce the impact on my license and was even able to avoid a fine in one court. I would recommend her to anyone in need of legal assistance

Bruce L.
Nikole Wynn Is The Best!
Finally, a lawyer who delivers what she promises. Nikole handled my bogus "failed to move over" ticket with efficiency and professionalism. She communicated every step of the way with me and kept me advised. Her knowledge of the local officials and how the system really works was vital in her reducing a potentially serious violation to virtually nothing, saving me thousands in increased insurance premiums. I HIGHLY recommend her. Thanks, Nikole.

Best Lawyer In Town
Ms. Wynn was able to reduce my two major tickets into two parking tickets. Thus, saving me any points earned on my license and saving me from any increased insurance prices. I am so grateful to have had her as my attorney!

She is the lawyer you want to hire!
I got two tickets at a time for speeding across a yellow light on the way to pick up someone from Buffalo airport. Before that, I only had two parking tickets. So I decided to fight the tickets by hiring Nikole. She is extremely knowledgeable and responsive and put my mind at ease immediately. I know she's busy but she made you feel like you were the only customer. She helped reduce my two tickets to parking tickets without points taken and lowered the fines greatly! I would strongly recommend her to anyone who needs legal service.

Nikole Wynn handled Traffic Violation - Top Notch
I received a speeding ticket along I-90 near Buffalo in an area which drops down to 55 MPH. I contacted several lawyers in the area and Nikole was most knowledgeable about the local courts, extremely helpful in offering guidance and had reasonable fees up front. She acted very quickly in working with the town prosecutor and my speeding ticket was reduced to a non-moving violation with no points. She was awesome and a true advocate.

Good Lawyer
Nikole is a really good lawyer. .. she helped me with my traffic cases in West Seneca and Cheetowaga. She was good towork with and always answered my questions. She got great results for me and I would use her service again.

Good Traffic Lawyer
I hired Nikole to represent me for a speeding traffic ticket I got in Lewiston, NY because it was many hours from where I lived and I wanted to try to reduce the number points I would incur. I think she charges a reasonable price, did all the preparation leg work, kept me reasonably informed, and relatively responsive (replies to me in a day or quicker if it is something simple).

Nikole is a magic worker
I called Nikole a while ago about a ticket I received. This was my first experience with her and she was rather honest and told me that based on my circumstances it would not be financially smart to hire a lawyer--imagine that a lawyer who isn't a money hungry fear monger! More recently, I received two tickets one in West Seneca and one in Tonawanda. I called Nikole again because I remembered how honest she was. This time I actually hired her to represent me. Nikole worked magic and made sure that the outcomes didn't mess up my driving record and insurance. I was very pleased with the outcome of these cases and how quickly she was able to resolve everything. She kept me up to date and was always available when I had a question. I recommend Nikole very highly.

Excellent Service
Received a speeding ticket in Tonawanda driving late and lost to a kids hockey game, police officer less than sympathetic. Being Canadian, I didn't know what the rules are - the ticket didn't have a fine on it??????? I called numerous lawyers, the only one that impressed me was Nikole. I met her in person, she answered all my questions and concerns, didn't guarantee me a win(which would have been unethical and a warning sign to me) but gave me reasonable expected outcome. I left it in her capable hands, she had the fine reduced to a parking ticket with no points.

This Lawyer is a Life Saver
For about a year, I was receiving traffic tickets every week. I was in a bad place in my life and didn't really care about the tickets, my license, or myself, so I never answered them and my license was suspended. I continued driving on a suspended license and was eventually arrested for that. All in all I was facing a ton of points on my license and a long suspension of my license. When I finally got my life together, I began asking friends/family for advise about what attorney to hire to help me out of this mess. I was referred to Nikole. I gave her a call and immediately I could tell she is a caring attorney who is concerned about her clients' well being. I talked to Nikole about my case, the possible penalties and my desired outcome for over half an hour and she never even mentioned the fee. She made sure all my questions were answered and that I understood everything before discussing the fee arrangement. She offered a free consultation and did not make me feel like I was wasting her time. When we did discuss the fee, it was reasonable and fair. Nikole explained the process to me and gave me realistic expectations. Nikole was able to appear in multiple courts for me and have all of the pending cases resolved. The outcomes were much better than I expected and I am so pleased. Nikole saved my license, avoided any additional points on my record, and really was there for me in a way that no other attorney has been. She has made me think differently about attorneys and I am so thankful I was referred to her. I highly recommend Nikole for the most challenging cases!

Simply the Best!
I hired Nikole for to handle some criminal and traffic matters. Because I was facing jail time and the loss of my license, I was obviously nervous and worried about hiring the right attorney.
When I called Nikole she was kind and understanding about my situation. I spoke with her personally and did not have to wade through receptionists to get to her. Unlike the other lawyers I spoke with, Nikole was concerned about understanding my situation rather than just telling me her price and trying to get my payment information.
She took the time to listen to all of my concerns and offered a very fair price for her services. She handled my case with the utmost care and kept me informed every step of the way. She went above and beyond on many respects and was simply a pleasure to work with.
I highly recommend Nikole. She is fair, smart, and gets great results.

Honest, Ethical, Hardworking
Nikole is really amazing. Not only does she get amazing results, but she is so honest. She is not like other lawyers trying to make a buck no matter what. She is the first one to honestly tell you if she does not believe hiring an attorney will make a difference and her fees are reasonable. She takes the time to explain everything and answer all questions in great detail. She has saved my license and offered me advice on many topics. I recommend her very highly!

Very Satisfied Client
I was very happy with Nikole. She got the results she expected and was very friendly and professional. I would use her services again and would recommend her to anyone I know that finds themselves in need of her legal services.

Excellent attorney!
I am very well pleased with Nikole as my traffic attorney! Right from the very first phone call, she was helpful, kind and knowledgeable about traffic law and the DMV. I was facing 4 traffic tickets received in a short period of time and totaling 17 points if convicted, and a loss of my driving privileges. After 3 court appearances on my behalf, she was able to get all of the tickets reduced to one parking ticket each with no points, reasonable fines, and no DMV surcharges! Absolutely amazing!
The fee that she charged for her services was both reasonable and fair.
Her knowledge of traffic court law and the DMV are exceptional.
I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone looking for a good lawyer who cares.

I highly recommend Nikole. She knows so much about the law and the dmv. She will explain everything to you and shes really easy to talk to. She also got me a great deal for my case and i didnt get points or crazy fines. She also arranged to go to court for me and i didnt have to go. She is great.

Great Experience!
From the moment I received the first response, to the resolution of my court case I could not be more pleased with the service I received from Nikole Wynn! If you are looking for a talented, educated and hard working adviser for your legal needs then look no further! If I ever have any legal needs again in the future, Nikole Wynn will be my very first call!

Nikole saved my license
I spoke with Nikole because I was facing some charges in New York and I live out of state. I called several other attorneys and they all wanted money to even speak with me. When I called Nikole she explained everything to me including my options, the penalties, and what she would do if in my shoes. She was respectful, knowledgable and very helpful. She knows so much about driver's licenses and how to save them when you get in toruble. I highly recommend her.

A Traffic Client
Job well done
nikole handled my traffic tickets very well. she was able to avoid points on my license and i didnt even have to go to court. she is a really nice lawyer and very smart. i will call her again if i get another ticket.

A Criminal Client
Great Person and Lawyer!
I hired Nikole for a criminal case. Nikole was wonderful. She is a great person and a top-notch lawyer. She not only worked out a great deal for me, but as a favor she helped me clear up my license problems. I recommend Nikole because she will go above and beyond the call of duty.

A Traffic Client
Amazing Results!
I am very pleased with the experience I had hiring Nikole Wynn as my attorney. The result of my ticket was better than I expected, and I will definitely hire her in the future.

A Criminal Client
Nikole is the BEST!
I hired Nikole for a criminal matter. I was really nervous, but Nikole explained everything to me. She was able to set my mind at ease and help me avoid a criminal record! Nikole is the best and I recommend her for all criminal matters.

A Traffic Client
Very pleased with Nikole Wynn!
I am very pleased with the result I received for my traffic ticket. I was told upfront what Nikole Wynn thought the outcome would be, and she hit the nail on the head. It was the best result I could have hoped for and would recommend Nikole to my family and friends.

Nikole is an excellent attorney and provided exceptional representation!
I contacted the firm where Nikole works because I needed a knowledgeable and compassionate attorney for a traffic matter in which I was involved. Nikole was very personable, professional, knowledgeable and helpful from the start. She assured me that she would work very hard to achieve and optimal outcome for this matter. Nikole kept me informed throughout the process and most of all, she made good on her assurances.
I would strongly recommend Nikole!